Roy Sutherland - BPCM Chairman

After attending 30 plus British Press Christmas Meetings, I've found face-to-face networking is still a great way to build relationships. Despite the social networking sites popularity, people still like to do business with people they trust and have met face to face.

Alan Bone - BPCM Executive Committee Member

The British Press Meeting started in 1982 with the aim of allowing British-based Publishers to meet with their international distributors.  This annual event lasts one day, and we consider the British-based delegates as ‘hosts’ who invite their overseas ‘guests’, mostly distributors. We are unfortunately not able to extend invitations to overseas publishers.

Rob Robinson BPCM

Rob Robinson - BPCM Executive Committee Member

The event is an important occasion on the calendar for publishers, distributors and ancillary service providers. Having spent a long career in newspaper and magazine distribution and logistics it is good to see that face to face contact is still valued.

Suzanne Jones - BPCM Event Organiser

An Organising Committee of British Press Christmas Meeting, an annual event (taking place in London every December) for UK Publishers to meet with their international colleagues from the Distribution, Logistics, and Wholesale Industries.